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Depression and Its Causes

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depression and its causesIt is difficult to find a person who has never experienced depression. This problem can catch us at any time and place. Depression is a mood disorder, which affects daily activities of a person and is connected with the feelings of apathy, anxiety, melancholy, weakness, sorrow or sadness. It is not only a state of mind: depression is related to a number of chemical imbalances in human brain, which take place under the effect of some external or internal factors. Depression usually has more then one cause and it is connected with several different aspects: psychological, physical, biological, environmental, etc.

Various problems, difficulties, failures or disappointments, which we experience in our daily life are considered the most common reasons of depression. Those can be problems at work, misunderstandings between family members or friends, illnesses or accidents, as well as problems of our friends and relatives, and so on. It is known that children and teenagers are especially vulnerable to such things. That’s why any psychological trauma, caused by a separation with a friend or parents’ divorce, etc., can trigger a long-term depression which can be extremely harmful to the child’s young and unstable psychology.

depressionThere are also some personal reasons, which can lead to deep and long-term depression. Those include bad psychological condition due to a lack of communication or a failure to succeed, too low self-esteem, feeling lonely or worthless, and many others. Alcoholism and substance abuse, constant worry and psychological tension, chronic stresses and sleep disorders also frequently cause depression in many people. In addition, bad memories from a person’s youth or childhood (including various fears, abuse, parental neglect, health disorders, etc.) often become a reason of depressive feelings.

In addition, there is another group of reasons, which are connected with health problems and ailments of an individual. Such things as suffering from chronic pains, having a hard or terminal disease (including anxiety or eating disorders, schizophrenia, AIDS or any form of cancer), as well as using some medicines (such as some sedatives or high blood pressure medications) can result in depression. Finally, specialists argue that genetic predisposition plays a key role as a possible cause of depression. Therefore, if a person has family history connected with frequent depressions of the parents or grandparents, there is a great probability that such person will suffer from frequent and deep depressions, as well.

Depression is one of the most common responses of a human mind on various problems the person has to face, and there are many people who are going through mild, moderate or severe depression quite regularly. Depressions result in increased feelings of guilt, indifference to life, hoplessness or dispair. Depressed people can not receive pleasure and satisfaction from the life, and in many cases they need some serious professional help. It is necessary to remember that depression is a very powerful destructive factor, which can ruin families and affect human life immensely. That is why it is important to recognize its causes or reasons, and find some effective ways to cope with it.